Utah Hay Sales “Serving Utah, Nevada, Arizona & California with Quality Horse and Dairy Hay”

All hay is located in Monroe, Utah.  We can bale either 3 string bales ( approx 115 lbs ) or big 4’x4′  “1” ton bales and will normally have them on hand to cover your needs.  We strive to provide our customers with high quality horse and dairy hay. We do have from time to time some Orchard Grass/ Alfalfa mix.  So give us a call to check on current prices and availability. We can load your trailer or flatbed truck with the squeeze.


Its been a pretty good overall, lots of nice weather for baling hay. The only hay we have left now is  some large 4×4 ton bales of alfalfa  that are stored in the barn, so no rain damage. Come and get them before its all gone till June of 2020


All hay has been sold for the summer we are out of hay until June of 2019.


1st cut is baled and in the barn, only its all sold. Next cutting will be around July 15


We are completely out of hay now until mid June 2018, check back with us around the first of June for orders, Thank you


Currently in the barn under cover out of the weather there are a few hundred bales of both 1st cut & 3rd cut alfalfa in 3 strings bales. These bales weigh approx 115 each and have no rain damage.


We have a few hundred bales of real nice Alfalfa / Grass mix, horse hay in 3 string bales in the barn right now. These are approx 115 lbs each. This will not last long so get it while it lasts. Barn stored with no rain damage.


I have come across a couple of semi loads of grass/alfalfa mix in large ton sized bales. Its good clean hay that was baled dry with some dew. Call me if this is something your interested in.

I still have some 2nd cut alfalfa in 3 string bales that has been barn stored since it was baled in the end of July. Really nice hay and its been going pretty fast


All of the 3 way has been sold now, none of it in either size bale is left. We still have approx. 2 semi loads of really nice 2nd cut alfalfa horse hay baled in 3 string bales which has been inside the barn since baling, so no rain damage.


The “14” ton sized bales of grass / alfalfa mix hay are gone, they sold & shipped out  over the weekend


Current inventory includes: as of 9/20/2015
1st cut alfalfa in 3 string bales
2nd cut alfalfa in 3 string bales
3rd cut alfalfa in 3 string bales

143 – ton sized bales of 3 way grain forage mix
2nd cut 3 way grain forage mix in 3 string bales

14 – ton sized bales of grass / alfalfa mix

“all 3 string bales are barn stored, no rain”


We currently have both 1st and 2nd cut alfalfa in the barn. Bales are the 3 string bales which are approx. 115 lbs each. No rain, no mold nice bales


We have been busy this past week and now have some really nice 3 string alfalfa bales in the barn, no rain on bales, all stored inside.


3 way coming along nicely



All of 2014 hay is now gone.

We are looking forward to the summer and the hay season of 2015. We will be having our normal 3 string baled alfalfa and also some baled 3 way that will be baled in large ton bales some time in the end of June or July. If your interested in something baled differently please call ahead and let us know. 


Spring planting is done




Down tho the last 28, 3 string bales in the barn


I have come up with 160 – 170  “3 string” bales of 2nd cut alfalfa hay. Its has some orchard grass mixed thru the bales, it has been barn stored all summer with no rain. Nice bales, I’m sure they will not last long. Come get while they last, when there gone that’s it for this year.


Well the corn stalks are all gone


Its not hay, but we do have a bunch of ton size corn stalk bales, ready to go. If your looking for some for your cows gives us a call




We are growing corn for the most part this year and will not have any hay for sale for all of the 2014 growing season.


12/22/2013                     SOLD OUT OF HAY UNTIL JUNE 2014



Approx 140 to 150, 3 string bales of 3rd cut alfalfa is all that is left in the barn today. Sales have been strong the last couple of weeks and its almost gone for the year. This hay has some minor rain bleaching in it, no mold or black hay. Bales are approx 115 lbs each and baled up nice. Have been barn stored since baling.


Had a busy weekend loading hay, thought it was a holiday. Anyway as of today we are down to 578 – 3 string bales of 3rd cut alfalfa, it has some minor rain bleaching on it but no mold or black hay. Pretty nice bales.   There is approx 175 – 3 string bales of 1st cut alfalfa, that I’m selling at a discounted price as it is somewhat trashy. Baled green, no rain.   Also still have approx 99 – 3 string bales of grass mix / alfalfa from 1st cut. Real nice hay, no rain.   All hay is stored inside the barn and we will load your trailer with a squeeze. Come and get it while it lasts


As of today all of the 2nd cut alfalfa is gone, We still have 269 bales of 1st cut alfalfa at a discounted price, another 924 bales of 3rd cut alfalfa. I did find 99 bales of 2nd cut grass mix alfalfa in 3 string bales in the back of the barn. So give me a call.


Summer is over and the barn is full. We still have some 1st cut alfalfa left, also some 2nd cut alfalfa both of those cuts have no rain damage. 3rd cut has some minor rain bleaching damage – no mold, baled up nice. Each of the three cuts is priced a bit different so call for pricing and come get it before its gone.


As of today we have 266 – 3 string bales of 1st cut alfalfa  &  672 – 3 string bales of 2nd alfalfa. All hay is dry and under cover in the barn with no rain damage


Currently have  400 – 3 string bales of 1st cut alfalfa  &  846 – 3 strings bales of 2nd cut alfalfa left. All hay is dry and under cover in the barn with no rain damage


Currently 1st cut is almost gone.   We have approx 1,100 bales of 2nd cut alfalfa in the barn, clean and dry “no rain” all is in 3 string bales – approx 115 lbs each.


12/31/12                           SOLD OUT OF HAY UNTIL – JUNE 2013

Over the weekend we have sold out of all of the remaining hay we have in the barn.  At this time I do not know of any hay left in our area that has not be sold or contracted that has not been picked up. So unless something happens with my last deal we are sold out now until spring of 2013.


The horse hay we have left in the barn as of today, 458 – 3 string bales of straight alfalfa. Another 177 – 3 string bales of grass / alfalfa mix & some  170 – 3 string bales of lesser quality cow hay. All of our larger one ton bales are gone now.



We are down to the last few semi loads of alfalfa hay now. All of the summers grass mix is gone with the exception of about 150, 3 string bales. Still have a couple of loads of  alfalfa left in the barn also in 3 string bales. All of the larger 1 ton bales are now gone as well, if ya need hay this year its going fast, I understand from talking to the other farmers most all of the hay in our area is now sold so don’t wait to long.


The fourth and final cut for the year is complete now, just waiting for it to dry  so we can bale it up and get it in the barn. Most of the 1st and all of the 2nd cut hay is gone but still have some of the 3rd cut left. Its going fast this year with the dry conditions around the west not a lot to buy out there these day’s



This past week has been a good one. All of the third cut has now been baled up and placed in the barn. With some 1,100 bales of alfalfa and another 580 or so bales of grass mix the barn was bulging at the seams. Sales have been good so far this summer with a couple of loads going out on this past Friday. Still have a some grass left but its going fast. This photo is of stacking alfalfa in the barn this past week from the 3rd cut.



Must be time to mow again…. Seems like we just did that




Things got busy in a hurry around here last week as we had some storms coming our way and still had a lot of hay down in the fields. Once we got it to dry enough we baled it all up into big 1 ton bales so it would not get rained on. Once baled it went into the barn out of the weather. Some has been hauled out this past week but still have a good selection of really nice big bales and the smaller 3 string bales. All green with no rain damage.








Getting started with the second cut. Nice relaxing day with the ac and the stereo on and no cell phone



I have approx 650 – 3 string bales of 1st cut alfalfa in the barn that would make somebody some really nice hay. No rain damage. Come and get it or we can haul it in semi loads.  Also have some grass / alfalfa mix



We started mowing down the 1st cut yesterday so we should have hay ready to bale in a few days.  Looks like nice weather ahead for the next 10 days. This should get into the barn without any problems.



The sprinklers are on now as of April 30 th and the fields are getting green again for a change. Fertilizer & weed killers have been sprayed, had the plane fly by this  week and spray for bugs. Won’t be long now 🙂


12/04/2011              SOLD OUT OF HAY UNTIL – JUNE 2012

It’s been a busy summer and now with winter knocking on our door we are sold out. Thank you to all of our clients, we look forward to being able to serve your needs again next year. Until then we hope you have a great winter. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to everyone from all of us here at Putter Butt Farms.



Hay has still been going out the barn door this week at a pretty fast pace. We are down to one semi load of grass mix and one semi load of alfalfa hay both in 3 string bales here at our place. We still have access to some more 3 string bales in the area and some 1 ton alfalfa bales of various quality grades. But don’t wait to long as when its gone its gone this winter !



The grass mix that I baled up few days ago is going fast, loaded out almost half of it today. There is a bit over 400 bales left in the barn. Looked like winter out there today only made it up to 48 for the high, snowing in the mtn’s. around the area.


Wow our first winter storm hit here this week, glad the hay was all up and in the barn. Snow, rain and freezing temps. have moved into the area here and it is just the first week of October.


We have had a good third cut with approx. 40 tons of grass / alfalfa mix and another 60 tons of alfalfa stacked in the barn now. This will be the last cut of the year it looks like since fall is coming on fast now. All of the 1st & 2nd cut hay is gone in 3 string bales but there is a pretty good selection of big 1 ton bales still over at the other yard that is available for those who need large bales.









Justing sitting here this morning wondering were the summer has gone already.  Its been a busy one so far. This past week has been very busy with hauling hay out of the barn, mowing the fields for the 3rd cut and just getting ready for the fall putting equipment away. All the remaining hay from 1st and 2nd cut was hauled out during this past week to a local dairy and to Boulder City, Nv to some horse owners we know. Will be baling up the 3rd cut this coming week and getting it in the barn before any bad weather comes back it looks like, that will be nice. We had some 10 days of rain during the second which made a real mess of things.cut


One of those days you would rather just forget, fast moving summer rain storm dumping a 1/2″ of rain on top of raked hay before you could bale it up. Looks like snow falling but just big rain drops. It made our driveway back to the hay look like a river in just a couple of minutes.









Our Hesston 4690 3 string baler showed up today and we said goodby to the 2 string baler as it went down the road. We should make the swap in the next week or so on the 1095 New Holland Bale Wagon to go along with the new baler. Saying goodby to the 1068 bale wagon will not hurt my feelings as the 1095 has AC, Stereo, nice cab and a door. Shut the door and keep the dust, heat and bugs outside for the summer, nice. This should make for better bales for the horse hay and less work ( more comfortable work ) in gathering them all up.

We also will be baling up some extra ground this year with the addition of approx. 50 acres of grass / alfalfa mix fields. This will add to the selection of horse hay which we will be offering from straight alfalfa, the 50/50 grass alfalfa mix.


Winter is trying to move out of here and the spring work is getting underway in Monroe. Were looking forward to a another beautiful spring and summer. Lets hope for a great season this year, we look forward to serving your hay needs.


As of yesterday we are sold out of hay till the second half of June 2011. If your in need of hay gives us a call and we will try to find you some in the area.


At the present time the only hay we have left is approx. 210 small 2 string bales from the second cut. Its been under cover in the barn since baling but does have just a bit of minor rain damage, just bleaching of color no mold. The big bales we put up at the same time all went for dairy hay so still good quality hay. Call if your interested we can load with a tractor & bale handler on your trailer.

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