Our Hesston 4690 3 string baler showed up today and we said goodby to the 2 string baler as it went down the road. We should make the swap in the next week or so on the 1095 New Holland Bale Wagon to go along with the new baler. Saying goodby to the 1068 bale wagon will not hurt my feelings as the 1095 has AC, Stereo, nice cab and a door. Shut the door and keep the dust, heat and bugs out door the summer, nice. This should make for better bales for the horse hay and less work ( more comfortable work ) in gathering them all up.

We also will be baling up some extra ground this year with the addition of approx. 50 acres of grass / alfalfa mix fields. This will add to the selection of horse hay which we will be offering from straight alfalfa, the 50/50 grass alfalfa mix and some 3 way hay of grass, alfalfa & triticale mix

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